Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feed Bag to Tote Bag

Feed bags used to be made of cotton fabric. Then they morphed into paper or woven synthetic stuff. Then two paper layers sandwiched around clear plastic. Now they are also made out of tightly woven plastic a'la plastic tarp material. They are indestructible and amazing for many uses. They are also recyclable -- there is a smart human who has figured out how to recycle plastic feed bags and synthetic baling twine into plastic. I think that's smart. I don't know if we should have all this plastic around - I see tiny pieces of baling twine on the ground sometimes and it doesn't look like it will ever go away! Anyway... this feed sack stuff cuts and sews very nicely as you can see by the photo above! Emily tinkered with the sack and voila - a new tote bag for hay, farmers market produce, groceries, taking recycling to the center, donations to the thrift store, items to and from the library, and maybe even your boots and helmet to the farm for your weekly lesson or daily ride! If you need a sack to do some creative sewing on, let us know, we have lots of these beet pulp sacks just waiting for a new purpose.

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